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Joselyn Kim
Joselyn Kim is the Copy Chief and Layout Editor for ‘The Science Survey’ newspaper and a People Section Staff Reporter for ‘The Observatory’ yearbook. She edits articles and designs the layout of the newspaper, making sure that the printed version of ‘The Science Survey’ is ready for printing for students to read. She enjoys journalistic writing, and loves writing about different significant stories that occur at Bronx Science. Joselyn is attracted to the different emotions that a photograph can convey in a journalistic article, and the journalism class gives her a small taste of the journalistic world. Her interests include reading novels, listening to music, tutoring disabled children in her free time, and volunteering at the Central Park Zoo. She is currently on the Girls’ Varsity Bowling team, the Girls’ Varsity Indoor and Outdoor Track team, and is also senator of her homeroom class. In ten years, Joselyn sees herself pursuing a medical career but continuing to read and write journalistic articles as a hobby.

Joselyn Kim, Staff Reporter

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Joselyn Kim