June 2018 Crossword

Theme: Places!



1.The smallest country by land area, home of the pope

2. City in California where the Disney park is located

3. A country that is generally considered to be very far from the United States but really at its closest point is only about 2.5 miles away

4. The country where the historical, archaeological site Petra is located

5. The only state without daylight savings

7. Country of origin of the French Fry

10. The only U.S. state that has a larger population than Canada

11. The first country alphabetically

16. The only 1-word U.S. state that contains the entire name, in order, of another state

18. One of the only countries that is landlocked by landlocked countries; located in the middle east

19. Home state of the biggest ball of twine

23. The location of the highest known temperature to ever occur at about 134 degrees Fahrenheit

24. The only city that spans across two different continents

26. The only country in Africa that is completely enclaved by another country

29. City in Italy, known as the birthplace of the Renaissance

31. A sea that has such a high salt concentration and a location such a great distance below sea level that it is known for its nutrient-rich mud and for the capability of things to float in it, but not live in it



6. The 5th largest country in both population and area

8. The only continent that spans through the equator and the prime meridian

9. Country that spans over the most time zones

12. Host of the 2022 Winter Olympics

13. City in which the hot dog originated

14. Amusement park “where dreams come true”

15. Largest one-country island; known for being the title of a popular children’s movie involving NYC zoo animals

17. Youngest U.N. recognized country

20. Continent with a population of about 1000 people

21. Located in Africa, home to Voodoo religion

22. Country known for neutrality

25. U.S. city known for its arch

27. District in Seoul, South Korea that is sung about in Psy’s hit song.

28. The most commonly known name for the country Cote d’Ivoire

30. Region of the Bronx where Bronx Science is located

32. City where the Taj Mahal is located

Answer Key: