Advice with Artea and Payel: First-Year Edition

Adjusting to the Bronx Science Workload


Abigail Yoo

Hi Bronx Science! This is Artea Brahj ’19 and Payel Islam ’19 and this is the first edition of our advice column, dedicated to providing useful tips and answering questions to make your experience at Bronx Science the best it can be. If you have any questions that you would like to be featured in the next column, please feel free to email us at either [email protected] or [email protected]

Tests, homework, and projects, oh my! It’s no secret that adjusting to the pace and rigor of high school can be difficult, and at times, overwhelming. If this is your first year at Bronx Science, rest assured because we have some helpful tips to help you breeze through this adjustment period.

One question we are frequently asked is: “How does one adjust to the sudden abundance of homework and tests?” We can confirm that the influx of work can seem unmanageable at first, but do not worry! In no time, you will master the art of time management. Make sure to stay organized by using your school planner by writing down every assignment you have for the day. At home, it’s important to stick to a set routine. Start your homework at a certain time every day and schedule in five minute (not five hour) breaks between each assignment. When you complete each homework assignment, check it off in your planner.

“Above all, don’t forget to relax!”

If you are a member of a club, take advantage of SGI (Small Group Instruction), which is after ninth period and before clubs begin. Do your homework, study, or ask teachers for help. In addition, use time during Vallo or your train ride to study and catch up on homework.

If you are struggling in a class, utilize the plethora of additional resources that our school offers. Besides going to your teacher during SGI, the National Honors Society offers a vast array of qualified student tutors who can go over course material with you and give tips and tricks on how to balance the workload of a class along with all the other activities on your plate. If you ever find yourself overwhelmed, don’t be afraid to talk to your guidance counselor who can connect you to Mental Health resources (such as our school’s social workers) or talk to your teacher about possible extensions.

Above all, don’t forget to relax! Remember that constant stress and pressure can lead to burning out, which can be difficult to recover from. Take the time during your day, week, or weekend to do something for yourself. You may practice a hobby, watch a movie, or simply spend time with friends and family. Whatever the outlet may be, make sure you utilize it often.

Artea and Payel