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Abigail Yoo
Abigail Yoo is a Senior Staff Reporter and a Online Newspaper Editor for the ‘Science Survey’ as well as a Groups Section Editor for ‘The Observatory.’ She loves the way that words combine to become a part of something greater, and how they can tell any story, being powerful enough to stir emotion or create change. She unconsciously finds herself taking arbitrary photographs as she finds it appealing in the way that they capture a single moment in time and how much meaning that moment holds. Valuing her family time, Abigail loves going grocery shopping at H-Mart every week. She finds solace in listening to Christmas music whenever the season and although not quite the early bird, she will jolt awake to the smell of her mother’s kimchi jjigae in the morning. Her solace is sitting down at the piano with her little sister and having a mini jam session. Abigail plans to study Public Health and go to medical school to ultimately help people who cannot afford healthcare, on the side creating a blog where she delves into a variety of topics, including her studies, music, health, fashion, and travel.

Abigail Yoo, Staff Reporter

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Abigail Yoo