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“In a regular journal, thoughts can get messy when writing a raw piece from your heart, but imagery and the use of real objects to create a setting in the art journal is a much tidier and concise way of recording,” said Jeffery Luo ’20.

Review of DORI: A YouTube Channel For Art Journaling

June 18, 2020

Students at Bronx Science are often so caught up in schoolwork and extracurriculars that hobbies leave the picture....

“My mom might be one source of distraction. She frequently asks me to help her, usually in the kitchen. Another is my phone because when I start watching one YouTube video, I end up clicking another one to watch and it becomes a never ending cycle,” said Amayel Ka ’22.

An Endless Nocturne During COVID-19 Quarantine (But With A Twist)

May 9, 2020

Everyone knows about the screen time tracking feature in the settings app on your iPhone, but how hav...

Getting the real experience of going to a concert isn’t just about seeing the artists, but about meeting the people who love them just as much as you do. “Feeling the energy of so many people who love and support the same group is one of the best feelings. Considering how large their fan base is becoming, I find the community to be comforting. Actually meeting some of these people was really amazing. During the entire concert, I was so excited, and the moment the first beat of every song dropped, I was already smiling and jumping around,” said Jacqueline Kwan ’22.

A Critique of the Performance Group Seventeen’s Concert in Newark

April 7, 2020

After what seemed to be the longest school week ever, the large population of Seventeen fans at Bronx...

Amayel Ka '22 voices her opinions about Ailee’s blacklisting. “Ailee is a critically acclaimed vocalist who clearly puts a lot of effort into the music that she puts out for her fans, so it’s a shame that she is supposedly being blacklisted by her former company.”

Why Can’t I Act? Sing? Dance? Anything? Anywhere?

November 24, 2019

When former Super Junior member Han Geng was casted into SM Entertainment, he was shocked to discover that...

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