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Summer 2020 Crossword: Classic Movies

June 22, 2020

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Aerospace Engineer Wanda Austin ’71 Delivers Keynote Address at 2020 Bronx Science Commencement Ceremony

June 22, 2020

To watch Dr. Austin's Keynote Address at 92nd Bronx Science Commencement Ceremony, click on the video a...

Audrey Hill '20, Editorial Columnist.

President Trump, Astroturfing, and the Anti-Quarantine Protests

June 21, 2020

President Donald Trump moves through the world as if he is not affected by political gravity. Things th...

Edie Fine ’21, News Reporter, stands with fellow members of an organization called Voices4, which is a queer advocacy network that focused their activism efforts on fighting for queer justice when the three Supreme Court cases were being argued on October 8, 2019.

Supreme Court Decision Marks Important Moment in Queer American History

June 21, 2020

On June 15, 2020, the Supreme Court ruled a historic decision in the narrative of LGBTQ+ history in ...

National Honor Society Goes Virtual With Its Induction Ceremony For the First Time in Bronx Science History

June 17, 2020

To watch the May 27, 2020 virtual NHS Induction Ceremony, click on the video above.  The National Honors So...

Seniors celebrated 'Senior T-Shirt Day' in style, one of countless memories that we have made over our past four years at Bronx Science.

I’ll Always Remember You: Reminiscing Over the Past Four Years at Bronx Science

June 17, 2020

Our Ninth grade year: This was time that most of us probably do not want to remember. From carrying fift...

Bronx Science students in Key Club are pictured helping out at a community event earlier in the school year before the Coronavirus pandemic closed in-person schooling. Members of the Key Club practice the ethos of giving back to their community, as many organizations are now doing during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Nonprofits Helping During the Coronavirus Pandemic

June 16, 2020

With the world upended by COVID-19, the regularities that we are used to following have been complete...

Babou Gaye ’20, Juliet Daniel ’21, and Diana Campbell ’22 meet during a Zoom call. They are all part of the newly formed Anti-Racist Coalition that will be actively working to diversify curricula, to form a Student Diversity Committee and Racial Justice Board, and to work on restorative rather than disciplinary justice.

Black Lives Matter at Bronx Science

June 16, 2020

Spurred by the Black Lives Matter protests that began in response to the murders of George Floyd, To...

The importance of freedom of the press in a democracy cannot be emphasized enough, as the students in Bronx Science's Journalism class know well. Here, the editors of 'The Science Survey' newspaper proof the latest issue of the print edition.

Journalist Attacks: A Free Press at Risk

June 5, 2020

A free press is the lifeblood of a healthy democracy. But in the past decade, the global political cl...

Natahsa Zarrin ‘20 discusses the many issues that lie within the camps in Xinjiang. “China has been downplaying the threat of the coronavirus in order to maintain the illusion of a capable country,” said Zarrin.

COVID-19 Poses a Threat for the Chinese Uighers

May 30, 2020

The year 2020 began with many misfortunes. With the tension between the United States and Iran, the see...

Students marched for Climate Change in New York City on September 20, 2020. We must similarly re-imagine the world in the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic.

We Have to Be Bold in Reimagining the World After COVID-19

May 30, 2020

The tension between tradition and progress has always been an integral part of the American story. The...

Students spend four years of their high school careers preparing for college, as this Bronx Science student is doing in his meeting with Ms. McHugh, his Guidance counselor, to plan on the colleges to which he will apply.  The thought that many colleges will be online only during the Fall 2020 semester due to COVID-19 is one of the many terrible outcomes of this pandemic.

Zoom University 2024

May 15, 2020

At last, the day has finally come -- students beaming brighter than ever in caps and gowns as the whole ...

Orca whales should not be kept in captivity as it greatly shortens their natural lifespans.

Seaworld Should be Closed

May 14, 2020

 In 2013, the documentary Blackfish was released, directed by Gabriela Cowperthwaite with the sup...

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May 2020 Crossword: Harry Potter Theme!

May 4, 2020

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The Survey Strip

The Survey Strip

April 15, 2020

Bronx Science 2020 Research Celebration Features Keynote Address From Dr. Jill Bargonetti ’80

April 14, 2020

Students at The Bronx High School of Science, a school renowned for its accomplished alumni and quality...

Sanford James stands in front of his second location’s storefront. “Although, I haven’t personally visited Sanford’s store, it impresses me that someone my age is working towards creating a successful business,” said Andy Lee ‘20.

The Leading Path of an Entrepreneur: Sanford James ’20

March 18, 2020

As a ninth grader at Bronx Science, Sanford James would not have imagined that he would open his first st...

“Racists eat rice. Activists eat rice. Rice has served as a necessity, and a luxury. BHAMCITY attempts to remind us of this staple of society which unites us in a simple, yet beautiful devotion towards a crop which has given us so much,” Baboucarr Gaye '20 said about Bham City’s music.

A Profile of the Rap Duo Bham City

March 18, 2020

“When we say Bham, you say City!”  This chant riled up the audience during this year’s Homecoming...

“Some of my goals for next year include managing this camp again but with the idea of doing it bigger and better such as the idea of extending it another day and reaching out and impacting more people in other villages.” Ayesha Khan '20 said.

The One Humanity

March 18, 2020

Helping someone can come a long way but helping a whole village and impacting more than one thousand people i...

“[TikTok] is the internet revolution,” said Puspita Dasroy ’20. “TikTok deserves the world but the world doesn't deserve TikTok.”

TikTok on the Clock (Not the KE$HA song)

March 18, 2020

Anyone who has spent time around teenagers in the last year will know about the video-sharing app tha...

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