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Michael Toscano
Michael Toscano is a Spotlight Editor for ‘The Science Survey’ and an Academics reporter for ‘The Observatory’. The most appealing aspect of Journalistic writing for him is the amount of people which it can positively impact. He believes that good journalistic writing is a very valuable skill to possess, and can be beneficial in many careers. He admires journalistic writing that is not afraid to tackle the most difficult of issues, and expose injustices in society. Michael believes that photography goes hand in hand with journalism, and that good photographs help to make articles more relatable for the reader. When he is not at school, Michael enjoys watching horror movies, hanging out with friends, and exploring Manhattan. Michael’s favorite holiday of the year is Halloween, and in the summer, he can be found relaxing on the Florida Gulf Coast. Michael is unsure of where college will ultimately take him, but is interested in pursuing a career in Business.

Michael Toscano, Staff Reporter

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Michael Toscano