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Jessin Wang
Jessin Wang is an Arts and Entertainment Editor for ‘The Science Survey’ and a Groups Section Editor for ‘The Observatory.’ As an Arts and Entertainment editor, she edits students articles regarding any form of entertainment that is to be published in newspaper and later uploaded online. She is drawn to journalistic writing because it allows her to not capture current events but also improve herself as an writer. As for photography, she enjoys going around school taking club pictures, because it allows her to not only capture the moment but also gives her a chance to attend numerous clubs on a single day and learn more about what each club does. Outside of academics, Jessin is part of the Girls’ Varsity Cross Country team, as well as the Indoor and Outdoor track team. At home, she enjoys drawing animated and real life objects,dancing, and playing video games with friends. Regarding college and career choices, she has yet to determine what she wants to study, but she predicts it may be in a field involving either physics or the arts. It is not out of her list of possibilities to pursue journalism or photography as a career choice, or even as a hobby, but it remains as simply a possibility among many others.

Jessin Wang, Arts & Entertainment Editor

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Jessin Wang