New Clubs Come to Science


Jessin Wang

Chevy Chen ’18 has opened up the chance for students to learn more about business on an international scale.

On September 26, 2017, shouts ring throughout the courtyard, marking the start of the annual Fall Bronx Science Club Fair. Screams of “Join Amnesty Club”, “How do you feel?!” and more echo in the cafeteria and courtyard every fall at Bronx Science. This year, screams for DECA and the No Child Left Behind club will add to the liveliness and diversity of this event. Also known as the S. O. Club and Activities fair, the annual event allows students of all grades to enjoy themselves and sign up for the multitude of clubs that the students body provides.

The Club Fair provides an opportunity for students to meet, explore, and sign up for the many clubs and activities that the school has to offer. Ranging from the Robotics teams to Key Club, and from Urban Dance to E-sports Club, students rarely leave the fair without having signed up for a club that sparks their interest.

2017 has marked the beginning of a handful of new clubs that aim to make changes in students’ lives, two of which are DECA and the No Child Left Behind Club.

Secretary Chevy Chen ’18 has taken an initiative in creating DECA, a club in which members are given the opportunity to compete in competitive events, which are organized in career clusters. His drive in creating the club comes from his observation of the lack of business education and opportunities available for high schoolers. “What inspired me to help establish DECA at Bronx Science was a noticeable lack of an internationally-renowned high school youth program for business. We have internationally renowned service programs, educational opportunities, but not something of the same magnitude within the world of business. DECA brings that to our school, through the education of students in career clusters to help them discover their passions and their applications,” said Chen.

The No Child Left Behind Club is another club that will be formed in the spring of 2018. Founder Rukaiya Sharmi ’19 has taken her experience from visiting a homeless shelter during the summer and has created a club that aims to help homeless youth realize the value of education and motivate them to achieve higher and greater things. “I realized that for these kids, education can be the one thing that can help them not end up like their parents – in a homeless shelter,” Sharmi said. With countless homeless shelters in reach and a plan in mind, Sharmi has prepared activities that involve tutoring homeless children and helping them to find their potential. “We will have informational videos paired with intellectual discussions, and we will also have fun projects such as letter writing to motivate kids, and art projects.” The club hopes not only to provide opportunities for those who lack many but also to spread awareness about the different situations that many kids are in.

With a strong motivation, the founders are looking forward to providing new clubs for students to have fun while learning about something that they’re truly passionate about.