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Alisha Wang
Alisha Wang is a Staff Reporter for ‘The Science Survey’ and a Groups Section Reporter for ‘The Observatory’ yearbook. She finds that rhetoric in journalistic writing has always fascinated her and how a picture really could tell so many stories. Even in real life, angles mean everything, changing the perspective someone would take of the situation and shaping the views offered. In her free time, she enjoys imagining stories to tell, concepts to visualize, entities to bring to life- and putting them on paper or screen. She wishes to travel around Asia and Europe to see new landscapes and experience foreign cultures, thinking of just anything new to visualize and illustrate. In college, Alisha plans on studying illustration or animation, ideally both, as well as learning a new language. When moving on, she hopes to work as a concept or storyboard artist for a videogame company.  

Alisha Wang, Staff Reporter

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Alisha Wang