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Tobias Amstutz, Staff Reporter

Tobias Amstutz is a Staff Reporter for 'The Science Survey,' where he writes about issues that he finds important, often in the political realm, but also in media, and sports. Tobias find journalistic writing to be appealing because it allows him to explore, in great detail, the topics that he believes are important in the lives of everyday people and to share that knowledge with his community. He also loves finding photographs that match the tone of the article that he has written, so that the reader can visualize the problems being laid out in writing. Outside of school, Amstutz has been reading about history and politics. His favorite books include 'The Power Broker' by Robert Caro, and 'The Great Bridge' by David McCullough, which focus mainly on the history of New York City, and the people who sculpted it into its modern form. In college, Amstutz plans on becoming a political science major. He is interested in how modern technology can be implemented into politics, whether that is in terms of running campaigns, or with creating equitable legislation, and he hopes to explore those interests more in his career.

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Tobias Amstutz