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Maya Goldberg, Staff Reporter

Maya Goldberg is a Staff Reporter for the Science Survey, and a Section Editor for the Academics section of the Observatory. To Maya, journalistic writing is most interesting because it can give a new perspective to a popular story, or shed new light on an unknown topic. Photography has always been a passion of hers, because she appreciates the unique perspectives it can give as well, and how it can save and capture even the most miniscule moments. Outside of journalism, she works on photography projects, sings, and is trying to work on a film. Other than that she loves spending time with her friends and exploring New York City. Maya has too many favorite movies and TV shows to list. She plans on studying psychology and film in college, and her future career plans could follow along these lines as well. She will always continue photography mainly as a hobby, and plans on taking more journalism courses in the future.

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Maya Goldberg