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Kareem Malik, Staff Reporter

Kareem Malik is a Sports Editor for ‘The Science Survey,’ Kareem believes that the best story is a captivating one that continues to affect you long after you finish reading it, and he also believes good photography is equally important to the continuation of a conversation, and should stick in the viewer's mind. Kareem loves conversations about sports because of the ways in which sports assert themselves as the most influential method of cross-cultural interaction, and the idea that sports are arguably the most uniting of all shared human interests. Kareem is passionate about cricket, and he is the captain of the Bronx Science Boys' Varsity Cricket team. He also has a close attachment to the subject of physics, and will read about interesting topics in this field whenever possible. In the future, Kareem sees himself having a career in physics, most likely in bioengineering or another field that combines physics and possibly even journalism, as reporting breakthroughs in science is global news.

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Kareem Malik