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Fairuz Omar Raya

Fairuz Omar Raya, Staff Reporter

Fairuz Omar Raya is a Staff Reporter for ‘The Science Survey.' She believes that journalism is a privilege that allows voices to be heard, no matter how large or small the subject. Fairuz thinks that photography can express the emotions and circumstances that words can’t always convey. She is a big believer in phrases such as “pictures can paint a thousand words” or “actions speak louder than words." Fairuz Raya likes to read books, workout at the gym, watch old films, and embroider. When she isn’t studying for school or working out to stay in shape, she likes to hang out with her friends after school and watch medical shows during the weekends. Fairuz doesn’t know what the future holds for her yet, but she would like to pursue a double major in medicine and creative writing. She wants to help children in need and create works of art, either in literature or photography. 

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Fairuz Omar Raya