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Akunna Njoku, Staff Reporter

Akunna Njoku is a Staff Reporter for 'The Science Survey.' For Akunna, the most appealing aspect of journalistic writing is that the process involves collecting real life experiences and then telling real life stories. It is not fiction, but it can be about fiction. The art of taking the words of human beings around us and spinning that into a tale for others to read and also experience is compelling to Akunna. For her, the most appealing part of story-telling photography is the opportunity to decide what perspective the photo plays into. When she takes a picture, she considers how it plays into the main theme of the article and gets as creative as she can with the pictures that she takes, paying attention to color expression, theme, and relevance. Outside of school, Akunna is highly involved with more creative activities such as fashion, politics, and music. She has walked the runways of New York Fashion Week and worked as a campaign manager for Farah Despeignes. Her favorite movies are horror movies, especially those by Jordan Peele, and she enjoys reading YA fantasy novels such as the Percy Jackson series. Akunna hopes to travel to Japan as soon as the COVID travel ban lifts, and she also lived in Nigeria for half of her life. In college, Akunna hopes to study Biomedical Engineering and to secure the degrees necessary to pursue a career as an Anesthesiologist. She also hopes to publish her first YA fantasy novel by the time that she turns nineteen and to continue with being an author if that novel does well. In ten years, Akunna hopes to have begun her plans to build multiple boarding schools for disadvantaged and homeless children all over the world. She also hopes to work with Doctors Without Borders after completing college.

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Akunna Njoku