Best Foot Forward: Dance Production Club


Jaymie Paredes

After much anticipation, Rohan Mehta ’21 is excited to announce that Dance Production Club will start meeting in early March.

For many people, high school is a confusing period full of growth and constant change. High school can also be the perfect time for students to explore their individuality. They are able to discover their passions and determine what makes them unique. Many teenagers turn to creative hobbies as a form of self-expression, and Bronx Science students are no exception.

At an early age, Rohan Mehta ’21 spent most of his free time learning new dances, taking every opportunity to improve and flourish as a dancer. He grew up immersed in a culture that incorporated a lot of dancing and eventually developed an affinity for the activity. “I think my love for dance started with me grooving at Indian parties where the music is obnoxiously loud and there’s always a dance floor,” said Mehta. 

Despite Bronx Science’s diverse assortment of clubs, Mehta did not feel as if the current dance clubs provided a wide enough variety of opportunities for dancers. He was certain that he wanted to incorporate dance into his daily life, but he didn’t know exactly how to do so. “One day I saw this video on YouTube—‘Eyecandy’ by Blotter Media—and it was sort of a eureka moment. I had experience with video editing, and I thought maybe I can somehow connect hip-hop and videography,” said Mehta. Right then and there, he decided to create a club that would combine aspects of both dance and another interest of his—filmmaking. Thus, Dance Production Club was born. 

One of the most distinctive aspects of Dance Production Club is its unique approach to the dancing process. “We’re nothing like Urban Dance Club or Lunar since they are performance-based clubs that emulate studio settings, where a leader composes choreography to be performed at an event; I think Dance Production is going to be more of a crew than a class,” said Mehta. The club aims to foster a tight-knit community of dedicated dancers who help each other grow. As of now, there are three positions available depending on the member’s field of expertise: filming, editing, and choreography. However, members are welcome to collaborate with those who belong in different squads to promote teamwork. 

Mehta has already begun to gather a group of prospective members, all of whom share the same drive and motivation as him. People are mainly interested in the club for its inclusivity and ability to help students develop important dance skills. “The club gives students a chance to perform… I’m glad it is being introduced at Bronx Science,” said Chancie Velasquez ’21. Another student  excited for the club’s debut, Tasnimul Rafid ’21 said, “I’m excited to combine dance and film production and work on many fun projects.”

Embarking on such a large project may seem daunting, but Mehta remains optimistic and has big plans for the future of his club. “We’re going to film and edit our videos and post them on a club YouTube account, which hopefully champions school spirit,” Mehta said. 

Dance Production Club meets after SGI every Tuesday. This provides the perfect opportunity for members of other dance clubs, which meet on different days, to participate in several clubs at once without the concern of juggling multiple commitments on one day. Mehta encourages all interested students to join regardless of prior experience. He hopes that Dance Production Club will become an integral part of the Bronx Science community. “If all goes well, you’ll see us at the club fair next year!”

“One day I saw this video on YouTube—‘Eyecandy’ by Blotter Media—and it was sort of a eureka moment,” said Rohan Mehta ’21.