Say Hello to the Voices of Bronx Science


Brian Katanov

From Left: Ava Vercesi ’19, Shmuel Padwa ’20, Ayesha Khan ’20, and Judge Sanchez ’19.

“Good morning, Bronx Science!” You hear these words every day, ringing through the halls during third period, but do you know the people behind the voices? The morning announcements serve an important purpose at Bronx Science. They keep the students and faculty up to date on upcoming events and recent achievements, and most importantly, deliver the cringiest jokes. We hear their voices echoing through the halls every day, and yet many students do not know the people and faces behind them.

“Why did seven eat nine? Because it needed three square meals a day.”

“I thought it sounded fun, and it is!” said Ava Vercesi ‘’19. She has been an announcer since the beginning of her senior year, and her voice can be heard on Tuesdays and Thursdays, filling the air with fresh updates. Outside of the main office, she can often be seen working on various Bronx Science productions, such as the Fall Play, Spring Musical, and S!NG. Finally, her favorite joke: “Why did seven eat nine? Because it needed three square meals a day.”

Also announcing on Tuesdays and Thursdays is Judge Sanchez ’19. You may know him as the one with the “voice like butter,” as stated during an interview with Wolverine TV. Judge also participates in the Spring Musical, and is first chair cello in the Bronx Science Orchestra. 

Ayesha Khan ’20 is also in her first year as an announcer. Khan has been in the S.O. Cabinet since her ninth grade year; she organizes Blood Drives and Red Cross meetings in and outside of the school. “There is always something cool about the fact that after a while, a good portion of the school actually recognizes my voice,” said Khan. Finally, her favorite joke is: “Why aren’t koalas considered to be bears? Because they don’t meet the koalifications!”

Future Senior Council President Shmuel Padwa ’20 has been doing the announcements since his sophomore year. He began making announcements because he “thought it was super cool that [the announcers] got to have the whole school hear them tell jokes every day.” Aside from the announcements, he also participates in Varsity Cross Country, Indoor Track, and Outdoor Track. Padwa spends most of his free time “writing rap songs, playing chess, and programming.” 

The announcers bring us, the students of Bronx Science, updates on our peers’ accomplishments. Whenever there’s a special schedule or activity planned, they always let us know about it. As the town criers of our community, they hold our school together. So if you see them in the hall, say hello; they love to hear from their fans.

Send all jokes to [email protected], and remember, have a terrific today Bronx Science!