Celebrating Father’s Day at Bronx Science


Joselyn Kim

Allison Yi ’19 and Jialin Zhuo ’19 are both excited for Father’s Day this year.

June 16th, 2019 is Father’s Day to celebrate all of the important male figures in our lives and the impact they have made upon us. Bronx Science students celebrate this special day differently. It’s to remind us how grateful we are to our dads and how much we love them. As small as driving us to the movies, to helping us move out to college, we appreciate what our fathers do for us.  

Allison Yi ’19, celebrates Father’s Day every year with the same tradition of a big brunch, this year being Ruby’s Cafe. Her father and grandpa both share a love for breakfast foods from avocado toasts to any dish with bacon on it. The food might be amazing but Yi loves this day to celebrate her dad and grandpa and how much they mean to her.

“I love both of them so much, and it’s nice to just spend a day to relax with the whole family eating brunch and just talking around the table. I also like to get my dad a gift every day, tailored to something he would use day to day,” said Yi.

This day isn’t just about gifts but each year Yi likes to get something a little special for her dad. This year, she gifted him with a new coffee tumbler and a $20 gift card to help with her dad’s love for coffee.

Chen isn’t the only student to give her dad a gift; but Jialin Zhuo ’19 gave her dad a new tie to match with her dress at graduation this year. It’ll mean so much more as Zhuo ’19 walks down the graduation steps to receive her diploma, and in the pictures.

I also like to get my dad a gift every day, tailored to something he would use day to day,” said Allison Yi ’19.

“I wanted to get my dad something special, but also to celebrate that I’m graduating high school this year, and how much he helped me throughout high school,” said Zhuo.

Happy Father’s Day to all the dads and grandpas! Father’s Day isn’t just about the gifts, but also the time you spend with loved ones and reminding them how much they mean to you.