Conquering the Cold Weather: Tips for Surviving the Chill

As winter comes each year, students have to drag themselves out of a warm, cozy bed every morning and commute through freezing temperatures until they finally reach the safety of our nicely heated school building. Fortunately, some of our peers have a few coping mechanisms to share with you that will ease the suffering, and prevent the formation of teenage icicles along the streets of Bedford Park Boulevard.

Innovative clothing choices seem to be the first option for most students. Sofia Burton ’18, suggests we buy heattech leggings from Uniqlo whereas Rajiv Beepat ’17 and Rufus Vicario ’17 have an affinity for wool. Beepat likes wool socks, and Vicario tells students to, “wear a scarf and woolen hat, specifically a scarf wide enough to be used to cover the mouth and nose to keep them warm.”

Some of our peers have a few coping mechanisms to share with you that will ease the suffering.

Soha Hamid ’17 takes it to another level. “For every five degrees below forty, I like to stack on an extra hijab. Once I wore three, and no one even noticed,” Hamid said. Intuitively, we know that more layers equate to more protection from the cold, but it is evident that we can gain similar benefits from smarter clothing material, instead.

Other students prefer fun, heat-generating activities to putting in effort towards their gear. Jessin Wang ’19 loves to cycle harder during physical education class in the winter to get her heart rate up, not only warming her up but also making her healthier. A body heat combination works too as Allison Chan ’17 likes to hug her friends and Jessica Wang ’18, likes to cuddle with her cat.  Or you can just purchase  and warmers and place them in your coat pockets, boots, and gloves, as Kate Slinchenkova ’18 does.

If all else fails, head over to the food trucks for some delicious hot chocolate or coffee, as Sumit Bhadra ’19 does in the morning. Thanks to global warming, the color weather has been sporadic, but when the next blizzard hits, be sure to keep these helpful tips in mind.