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Shanzana Rashid
Shanzana Rashid is a Staff Reporter for The Science Survey and an Editor-in-Chief for The Observatory. As an explorer, she loves visiting famous cafes, restaurants, parks, and museum exhibitions; she's out to discover every gem in the city. As a Netflix enthusiast, she can endlessly talk about her favorite shows and movies. Her most beloved production would be The Office! And as a dedicated photographer and journalist, Shanzana strives to capture various aspects of Bronx Science student life through interesting, informative articles. To her, intriguing journalism opens your eyes to a new perspective. For pictures, she feels that a good photograph captures your attention the way the camera captures what the photographer sees, it’s an instantaneous feeling. Furthermore, it tells a story without narration. Shanzana's career prospects have actually stemmed from her work on the school’s publications; she plans to study communications in the near future and become a moving force in the media industry.

Shanzana Rashid , Staff Reporter

Mar 24, 2017
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Nov 21, 2016
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Shanzana Rashid