An Overview of the Girls’ Varsity Volleyball Team’s Season

It was a season full of highs and lows for the Wolverines.


Jacey Mok

Time-out huddles are common in many sports. In volleyball, huddles are important to raise moral and discuss strategy.

The resounding boom of a ball smacking the hardwood floor; the cooperative communication of the players on the teams; the piercing whistle of the referee that stops players in their tracks — you can practically feel the tension during a Bronx Science Girls’ Varsity Volleyball playoff match. 

Our very own Wolverines have been back to back NYC PSAL champions for the past two seasons, but unfortunately this season our girls weren’t able to perform to the level they have in years prior, losing 1-2 in their second playoff match against Hunter College High School. 

At Bronx Science, we pride ourselves on having some of the best sports teams in the city, and the Girls’ Varsity Volleyball team is no exception. In the years prior, we’ve seen our players take our school to city championships, and some even go on to play Division 1 or Division 3 volleyball in college.

Serving is the only solo play and can end the game, making it the most nerving-wracking moment in the game. (Jacey Mok)

In the off-season matches, the girls started to warm up for the playoffs and showed the other teams that they were in it to win it. They didn’t lose a single match in the off-season.

In PSAL Girls’ Varsity Volleyball, teams from the same league play against each other in the off-season. There are 30 leagues and are composed of schools in the same area of the city. For example, Lehman College High School and Bronx Science are in the same approximate area and are therefore in the Bronx A1 league. Only one team from a league can go to the playoffs. This team is the one that wins the most matches in the off-season. 

Playoffs are very important and high stakes. If a team loses, they are eliminated and can no longer play in league games for the season. Not only that, but playoffs are the seniors’ last stretch of games, making it much more crucial that the teams play their best.

In volleyball, a game is played by two teams with six players on each team. The goal is to keep the ball from touching the floor on your side of the court. Teams are only allowed to touch the ball three times and a player cannot touch the ball consecutively, making teamwork a vital aspect of the game. 

In the PSAL, games go to the best of three sets. A set is when a team scores 25 points against the other team. Many games are determined by whoever wins the first set, because losing a set demoralizes players and makes it harder to come back and win two back to back sets. 

This season, our team played exceptionally. I had the pleasure of watching a home game against John F. Kennedy Campus, and to say it was a wild game would be an understatement. Our girls put their all into it. I distinctly remember watching our co-captains Amalia Jardiniano ’23 and Sadiqah Quadery ’23 make great plays in this game that made the Wolverine stands get up and cheer. 

Middle-blocker Sadiqah Quadery ’23 spikes the ball into JFK’s court. (Jacey Mok)

In the second set of the match, the ball was passed over the net to the Wolverines’ side of the court, and Quadery with her quick thinking came and spiked the ball back into JFK’s court. A few plays after this, Jardiniano hit an amazing cross that sent the ball bouncing off the court and right into the stands. 

The teamwork is what made this match so fantastic to watch. Teamwork and trust is what makes or breaks a team. The Wolverines all trust each other to come and help when another makes a mistake. 

“I think what was most exciting for us was winning our round one playoff match against LaGuardia,” said Jardiniano. 

In their first playoff game, the Wolverines faced off against rivals LaGuardia High School. The game was adrenaline filled. Though the Wolverines lost the first set, they came back to win the next two sets. This is known as a “reverse sweep.”

“I think we really kicked it into high gear. I really loved that moment; it showed that we put everything out there to win,” Jardiniano said, smiling.

Through it all, the Girls’ Varsity Volleyball team played their best. There was a great combination of sportsmanship, comradery, and encouragement throughout the whole team. The audience would also agree, faithfully cheering on the Wolverines and giving them the motivation to play well all season.

In volleyball, there is no individual winner. There must be equal effort from the whole team and when there is someone not pulling their weight, the team will be sure to let them know. “We’re always pushing each other to challenge ourselves and improve our skills,” said Quadery.

While on the bench, team members encourage players on the court and give them their fully support. (Jacey Mok)

In their second playoff game against Hunter College High School, the team fought hard in order to beat Hunter. Despite their best efforts, the team was unable to pull off a win and move on to the next playoffs round.

The end of the season is always melancholy for sports teams. The seniors will no longer be playing for their teams as they pass on the torch to their underclassmen, hoping they will be able to lead the team.

Co-captains Jardiniano and Quadery have been playing volleyball since middle school and were introduced to junior-varsity, during their ninth grade year, by friends. They invested a lot of time and effort into the sport, and their drive to play at a higher level is what led them to become captains. 

Sadiqah and Amalia have been friends since their ninth grade year when they became teammates playing junior varsity. (Jacey Mok)

Both co-captains lead the team through example, demonstrating how the team’s mindset should be both on and off the court. “I’ve seen a lot of growth in everyone since day one during pre-season. I love the effort they put in and how much they want to improve,” said Jardiniano. 

The team’s love for all members of the team is extraordinary. While there are times when there needs to be some tough love, it is only with the player’s best interests in mind. Improving each other’s game and uplifting each other is what the sport is all about. 

The co-captains will be focusing on pursuing their academic passions in college, but said that they will try to keep playing in some capacity. 

Jardiniano intends to major in biochemistry, which she said comes from her time at Bronx Science as well as her fascination with vaccine research. Her goal is to earn a Ph.D. in biochemistry and help create something that improves the lives of all people. 

Quadery also has an interest in the STEM field, intending to major in Environmental Science. After being accepted to her dream school, Penn State, Quadery plans on spending her four years there researching topics such as sustainable energy and nuclear energy. “Nuclear energy is a taboo topic and it has a lot of risks associated with it, but I like risk taking,” she said. 

Both captains are not looking to be recruited or specifically attend a school with a good volleyball program. However, they said they would be willing to play on a club team or even as a walk-on player for a Division 2 or 3 team. 

As they say goodbye to their team, the seniors and co-captains are assured that their team will be in good hands. There are already a few players in mind to take their positions as co-captains and many rising stars on the team that will ensure the team runs smoothly. We are proud of all of the  players we have seen play for the team. While we must say goodbye to the current team, the Wolverines will continue to see driven players and excellent teamwork for next season and beyond.

The team’s love for all members of the team is extraordinary. While there are times when there needs to be some tough love, it is only with the player’s best interests in mind. Improving each other’s game and uplifting each other is what the sport is all about.