Mickey Callaway Throws the Mets Into Gear for 2018


Brianna Le

Many fans, such as Janet Kyi ’18, are hopeful that Callaway will bring the Mets to success in 2018.

The New York Mets 2017 season was plagued with injuries and many tough losses. After serving as the manager of the New York Mets for seven years, Terry Collins has resigned and the Mets have replaced him with Cleveland Indians pitching coach Mickey Callaway for the 2018 season in hopes of regaining their former strength.

At 68 years old, Collins finished his Mets career with more losses than wins— 583 losses and 551 wins, to be exact. In the 2017 season, Collins disappointed the Mets with 70 wins and 92 losses, hitting the ninety-game loss mark for the first time since 2009. However, Collins has had positive moments too. For the first time since 2000, in 2015 Collins brought the Mets to the World Series against the Kansas City Royals. Although they lost, Collins made the Mets their most powerful team in years. In 2016, Collins also got the Mets to the National League Wild Card game for the first time since 2000.

The Mets now welcome 42 year-old Callaway in hopes of turning their bad luck around. Previously a pitcher for the Tampa Bay Devil Rays, Anaheim Angels, and Texas Rangers and a pitching coach for the Indians, Callaway is far from inexperienced. While being  the pitching coach for the Indians, the Indians produced a Cy-Young award winning pitcher Corey Kluber.

“As a former pitching coach, Callaway will allow the young pitching staff to flourish and potential Cy-Young award-winning Mets pitchers to have their best seasons yet,” said Zeke Fine ’18.

In 2017, the Indians found themselves with the best pitching statistics. “This year the Indians were pretty successful since they made it to the playoffs!” said Anna Leidner ’18. “Their pitching, thanks to Callaway, definitely contributed to their success this year since five of their starters had wins in the double digits.” Perhaps, Callaway can help produce similar results with the Mets.

Callaway will allow the young pitching staff to flourish and potential Cy-Young award-winning Mets pitchers to have their best seasons yet.

After a season full of injuries for the pitchers, fans are hoping that Callaway’s success and experience as a pitcher and  pitching coach will help the Mets  get back on their feet. “The Mets’ strength is their pitching, and I feel like Callaway will mesh well, and hopefully help the pitchers rebound.” said Max Jaffe ’19. Likewise, Janet Kyi ’18 said, “He’s a successful pitching coach, and since the Mets are built on pitching, it really should be a good asset to have.”

With a new, young, and experienced manager, fans have high hopes for the Mets in their upcoming season. “If the pitchers can stay healthy, and they can find some offense, I think there’s a good chance of at least a playoff appearance,” said Leidner.

Fans believe the Mets have the capability to go far in 2018 and Callaway is the right person to push them. “I believe that with Callaway, Syndergaard, DeGrom, Harvey, and any other pitcher that the team decides to acquire, will spearhead the Mets to their third postseason appearance in the past four years, their second World Series appearance in the same time period, and their first championship win since 1986,” said Fine. “This team is moving in a great direction and will be a powerhouse for years to come!”