Walking in a Winter Wonderland


Johan Wichterle

Arianna Luis ’19 enjoys the music on the dance floor during the Winter Wonderland.

Our annual holiday event, aptly titled ‘Winter Wonderland’ was a great school event to look forward to before winter break. It involved fun games, exciting activities, and great music to put the students in a good mood. What we do not see is how everything miraculously comes together. This is the job of two sophomores on the S.O. Cabinet, Sadia Rahman ’20 and Ayesha Khan ’20. This is the first major event either of these two girls organized, and both were extremely excited to get to work and bring the holiday cheer to Bronx Science.

They planned a very successful day, with everything from a dance floor with a DJ, holiday-themed games, prizes, and an ugly sweater contest. Both students and teachers enjoyed their time spent there, as it was all done in good spirits. The S.O. had put in a lot of work and effort to put together the event and spent many days after school to get the work done and put it together. Khan said, “It took some time and a lot of teamwork to put this event together, but we all think it was very worthwhile.”

“The music was really nice, and although I didn’t dance, it was nice to have some tunes to jam to in the background!” said Rosanna Fu ’20.

The dance floor was full of flashing, multicolored lights and happy people. The music was very enjoyable, as it was chosen by the students themselves in a poll sent out a week prior to the event. “The music was really nice, and although I didn’t dance, it was nice to have some tunes to jam to in the background!” said Rosanna Fu ’20.

The games consisted of character-themed bean bag tosses, bowling, and a game where one tries to knock over stacked cans. They were very much enjoyed by all who were there. “I had a lot of fun during the Winter Wonderland! I was pretty good at the beanbag toss game, and the music was great,” said Emma Vassilio ’19. Students agreed that the event was fun and engaging. They felt that the event was a good way for the students to destress and relax in a school environment, especially after midterms and tests.

Johan Wichterle
Students playing one of the many games placed around the cafeteria during the Winter Wonderland event.

Both students and teachers enjoyed the event thoroughly. There were multiple teachers present during each period, assigned the job of chaperoning. A few, such as Mr. Walker from the Mathematics department, tried their hand at some of our games. Others took a peek at the prize box, which was where you could exchange the tickets won at the games for a small keepsake. The prizes included holiday themed stickers, temporary tattoos, bead necklaces, and plastic glasses. These were a great way to show some holiday cheer throughout the school day. Stations for temporary tattoo applications were set up with buckets of water.

As much fun we had this year, there will always be ways to improve it. Thinking forward to next year, some ideas that were suggested to the S.O. Cabinet are to get better quality prizes, as the faux glasses tended to break easily, and to have a better selection of music. The latter problem could easily be solved if more students filled out the song request form that is always emailed to students prior to an event.