Good Eats Near Bronx Science

Explore the foods around Bronx Science, with new tastes, smells, and people.


Donna Celentano

A variety of different students try out new foods every day, allowing them to explore different, cultures, people, and of course foods.

Bronx Science is known for its demanding curriculum and world-renowned alumni, but what few take note of is its food. Some students seem so preoccupied with the copious amount of work they have, that they do not seem to fully appreciate the options that we have at our disposal. Not many high school students can say that they have two different food trucks at their disposal to provide them with coffee, food, snacks, and more. 

El Gran Campeón food truck, better known as Jay’s, is parked directly in front of the school. The truck is painted with an unmistakable maroon color. Bronx Science students have come to associate the truck’s distinctive maroon paint job with their daily intake of food.

Jay provides for every student’s needs: gum, chocolate, burritos, tea, rolls, and croissants, among other offernigs. My personal go-to is cutlet with rice and beans. However, given that it costs $7, it is quite expensive on a student’s budget.

When asked why he enjoyed serving the student community, Jay said, “They serve me, and I serve them!”

Bronx Science’s other resident food truck, Ned’s, provides students with a cheaper alternative to Jay’s. Although Ned makes tasty chicken wraps, he does not seem to have as regular hours as Jay. Chipotle mayo sauce is Ned’s specialty, so if you ever stop by, make sure to try some of this sauce on his famous chicken wrap.

After school, students can also explore nearby halal options. The two most frequented food trucks are Jerome’s Avenue food truck and Tony’s Halal

To preface, both Jerome and Tony are not the real names of the owners of these halal carts. Jerome was coined as such because he is parked on Jerome Avenue and Bedford Park Boulevard. 

In an online survey that I conducted of 192 students concerning their preference of either Tony’s or Jerome’s, 50.5% voted that they preferred Tony’s. 

Steven Teh ’23 believes that Tony’s is the superior choice. “Tony has the best sauce, and the charisma,” he said.

Conversely, Talha Haque ’24, argued in opposition, stating that “Tony charges $6 without filling the plate, whereas Jerome is $5 every day with fries. Also, Jerome’s chicken and lamb taste better.”

Being a Jerome’s advocate myself, I find that the commute is well worth the free soda offer for students, the moist yellow rice, and the tender and juicy chicken. 

These four options can become repetitive after months of getting the same burrito every day, and many Bronx Science students have begun to seek lesser-known food options around the campus, after school. 

A mere 10 minutes walk from school, there is a Popeyes, a Starbucks, and a pizza place virtually on the same block. As an added bonus, these restaurants are all relatively cheap options for students, with Popeyes offering a chicken sandwich for less than $5, and the pizza place supplying dollar slices.

With the debut of the new Starbucks near the 4 train Mosholu station, many students have been going to the area after school for snacks. However, even though the large chain brand names are delicious and dependable, they also do not provide the most nutritionally balanced options.

While there are a plethora of food choices near the school, it is an issue that we as a community of growing and impressionable young adults are not offered the options that health classes and doctors have strongly urged. For many students, it is not a practical reality to have a homemade meal every single day. With these food trucks providing so many other options, they should make an effort to provide healthier and cheaper options that are more practical for students. 

Food not only replenishes the body but also allows our minds to heal and relax. With the common practice of dropping lunch for an extra AP class, many Bronx Science students don’t even have a designated lunch period, and those that do find few nutritious options available from the food trucks.

The opportunity to eat is important, but so is the matter of what we eat. 

Our school offers an extremely unique organization, the Nutritional Health Council, which allows the students to participate in the selection of school-offered lunches. Though considerate, this organization could be better utilized and expanded to reach a greater portion of the student body. 

All in all, I feel that it is important to appreciate this unique feature that Bronx Science provides, allowing students to explore different cultures, environments, and individuals, given the variety of food options. However, I also believe that providing students with nutritious and well-balanced meals should be a greater priority than it currently is.

All in all, I feel that it is important to appreciate this unique feature that Bronx Science provides, allowing students to explore different cultures, environments, and individuals, given the variety of food options.