These Sciencites Have Style!

Bronx Science students are back in the building and ready to show off their eccentric fashion sense.


Helen Stone

Leila Buchan ’22 wears Adidas sneakers paired with baggy jeans.

When you look good, you feel good. For many, fashion is an important mode of self-expression that COVID-19 stripped away from us last year, as many of us chose the fully remote schooling option. We were in our homes every day commuting from bed to desk. Now that school is back in the building, students once again have the opportunity to express themselves through their clothing. 

“Fashion is absolutely a mode of expression for me,” said Layla Stanton ’23. (Helen Stone)

Where are the pieces in your outfit from?

“I altered this vest last night and I really like it; it gives me Y2K vibes. I wear these pants all the time, they’re flares and are a staple in my closet,” said Layla Stanton ’23, “I got these Doc Martens over the summer and they work with everything. These are essentially my basics.”

Stanton’s entire outfit, minus the vest which was gifted to her by a friend, is completely assembled from thrift stores. “There’s a thrift store ten minutes away from my house, and I get almost all my clothes there.”

Do you have any style inspirations?

“I don’t have one particular aesthetic,” said Stanton. “I switch up my style every day. I always use Pinterest to help inspire me with my outfits. I also take inspiration from outfits I see around school from people whose styles I really like.”

What does fashion mean to you?

“Fashion is absolutely a mode of expression for me. I wake up 15 minutes earlier every day because I like to put a lot of thought into my outfits and the jewelry that I choose. I definitely felt really stifled last year when I couldn’t choose my outfits,” Stanton said. 

For others, inspiration isn’t always necessary. “I don’t particularly have style inspirations, if I see a piece on Instagram or one that my friends are wearing, which I really like, then I ask where it’s from and buy it or something similar,” said Eddy Zhang ’23, whose cargo pants are from Nike and whose shirt is from Kagesclub, a merchandise brand designed by his YouTuber brother.

To check out other designs and content from Kagesclub, visit and the Kagesclub Youtube channel. (Helen Stone)

For Dinah Landsman ’23, thrifting is an essential part of achieving her signature style. 

Where are the pieces in your outfit from?

“I got my belt from a thrift store in Provincetown for $2. My top is a large t-shirt that I thrifted for around $1, and I upcycled it and added my own touches. My boots are from eBay. I wear them almost every day because they’re Harley Davidson and super durable. My rings are also from various flea markets. I always wear my Swatch. I love watches,” said Landsman.

“This jacket is my dad’s, and my pants are from Rothco, which is a military brand. My sweater is from Raf Simons,” said Marco Fuertos ’22. (Helen Stone)

Where do you usually shop for clothes?

“I usually thrift all my clothes or find them second-hand. I really love vintage shopping, flea markets, and thrift stores. I think that thrifting is also a really good way to be environmentally friendly. Thrifting also helps you to develop your own personal sense of style,” Landsman said.

Do you have any style inspirations?

“I take a lot of style inspiration from the 1970s and 80s. Some specific people would be the Clash, which is my favorite band, and Susie from Susie and the Banshees. I take a lot of inspiration from my mom and my peers, actually,” Landsman said.

“I take a lot of pride in my own personal sense of style,” said Dinah Landsman ’23. Landsman adds personal touches to her clothing, like safety pins and layers, in order to create a unique look. (Helen Stone)

What does fashion mean to you? 

“Fashion is very important to me because it’s how I choose to interact with my surroundings and my peers. Clothing is a mode of self-expression for me. I know I always feel better when I feel confident in how I’m projecting myself to the world,” Landsman said.

With each individual student comes unique style preferences and interests. Nobody dresses the same; everyone has a different personality that will be expressed through clothing. This is what makes fashion so exciting. Students are inspired to go out of their comfort zones and try new things with their style. “I started getting into really big pants and making them low waisted,” said Leila Buchan ’22.

“My top is from Depop,” said Leila Buchan ’22. “It’s from a seller who screen prints their shirts, so it’s an original. My pants are from Depop as well but they’re originally from Urban Outfitters.” Depop is a buying and selling app formatted like social media, which allows independent sellers to re-sell old clothes or their own designs.

“I’m really inspired by Yohji Yamamoto,” said Marco Fuertos ’22. “That guy is so great. He creates really cool, dark, tall, drapey silhouettes.” 

Being back in person on West 205th Street is exciting for many students. With our classes, clubs, sports, and activities being face to face again, doors have opened for students to express themselves through a mechanism other than words.

Fashion allows students to control how they are perceived, how they present themselves, and how they feel. So take some risks with your style! Try a new layering piece or a new color combination. “I love fashion, and I’m very happy to be back in school because I really look forward to getting dressed every morning,” said Landsman, “as everyone should.”

Reed Ounjian ’22 wears a jacket from the Bape Store, a Scar Face shirt from Urban Outfitters, thrifted pants, and Chicago 4 sneakers from StockX. (Helen Stone)
Kai’reoni Holland ’24 wears a coordinated primary color outfit, proving that simple pieces can make a huge impression when paired and matched correctly with each other (Helen Stone)