Podcasts on the Rise

Podcasts are increasing in popularity, and many people have even begun to produce their own.


Alexandria Ang

Kristina Ang ’18 has turned her podcast ‘The Life of a Fashion Student’ into a platform through which she can engage with her audience on a personal level.

Now more than ever, during the Coronavirus pandemic with quarantine in effect in many parts of the country, people are tuning in to podcasts and using them as a medium through which they can explore different topics of interest.  Seen as an alternative to streaming services, listening to music, or even to reading books, podcasts are a great way for people to learn while simultaneously carrying on with their daily routines. With the ongoing quarantine mandates, podcasts have been particularly useful, as users are also able to combat the fatigue that comes from excessive screen time.

The rise in popularity of podcasts can be seen in the Bronx Science community as well, with a Podcast Club having formed early in the 2019-2020 academic year. Board members Raiya Dhalwala ’21, Clara Barschdorff ’21, and Caroline Bradley ’20 sought out to create the club in an effort to bring awareness to important issues and to foster dialogue within Bronx Science.

“Mainly, we seek to be a space for people of all grades to come together and to work on something that they are passionate about. So far, we’ve produced podcasts that delve into moments in history that people in our club have a connection to,” Barschdorff ’21, the Vice President of the Podcast Club. 

One of the podcasts that the club produced was helmed by President Raiya Dhalwala ’21, whose grandfather lived through the Indian Partition, and in creating their podcast, the group delved into exploring the Partition from a first-hand perspective. To listen to it, click HERE.

Bronx Science alumna, Kristina Ang ’18, has recently created her own podcast to give listeners a glimpse into her life as a fashion student at the esteemed Parsons School of Design. To listen to it, click HERE. With the fashion industry being known to be hyper-competitive and difficult to break into, ‘The Life of a Fashion Student’ podcast helps to deconstruct stereotypes and to provide insight on the fashion industry. “I decided to start producing my own podcast because I felt like I had something to share with my community of aspiring students in the fashion industry and young motivated individuals. When I go to record my podcast, I treat it as if I’m speaking to a close friend or acquaintance,” Ang ’18 said.

However, Kristina Ang does not limit herself to just fashion. After all, anyone can learn from her, as she provides advice on important skills such as how to source internships, build a network, or even how to find fulfilling passions.

“When I go to record my podcast, I treat it as if I’m speaking to a close friend or acquaintance,” said Kristina Ang ’18.