Wolverine TV is in for a New Season

Wolverine TV strikes again, with brand new segments!


Lola Murti

The Wolverine TV 2019-2020 Crew Members are students in 10th, 11th and 12th grade who want to share their creativity and personalities with the Bronx Science community.

Wolverine TV is officially back on the air for its ninth season, with six brand new segments heading our way. Wolverine TV is excited to introduce new segments such as, Crazy Challenges With Krish/Krish’s Crazy Challenges (Krish Shah ’21), Dive In With Darya (Darya Lollos ’20), Nailed or Failed With Fahim and Gerald (MD/Fahim Faisal ’21, Jiachi/Gerald Deng ’21), Face to Face with Julia and Grace (Julia Gallent ’22, Grace Lim ’22), and Rami’s Roundabout (Rami Abuhashish ’21). They are also thrilled to welcome back Samama Moontaha ’21, who is continuing to record her segment, Drama With Samama, but this time she will be hosting on her own rather than with Rahma Tasnim ’19, who graduated last year. In the segment, Moontaha, who is also the assistant director, covers everything non-academic and arts-related in Bronx Science, including music, drama, and movies. 

Samama Moontaha joined Wolverine TV two years ago with the goal of displaying her creativity within the Bronx Science community. She has certainly accomplished this over the past two years. “I get most of my inspiration from TV and YouTube. I like to recreate a lot of iconic and trending videos, music and movies with the student body, so I rely a lot on the internet and my childhood memories to make my content interesting,” said Moontaha.  Moontaha may love the creativity, but the aspect that Rami Abuhashish ’21 loves the most about being on Wolverine TV is the teamwork. “There are a lot of steps involved in producing an episode weekly, and everyone working together to accomplish that feels just great,” said Abuhashish. 

Of course, it requires a great deal of time and diligence to create a new, well-written, entertaining and polished episode for every Thursday. So, how do the staff manage to get it done every time? The answer: Darya Lollos ’20. Lollos is the director of Wolverine TV, and she coordinates practically everything. She is a key part of keeping the show running smoothly and on time. The reason that Lollos is so dedicated to the running of Wolverine TV is because each production is so fulfilling. “Though our actual impact may not be too far-reaching, we are one of the few organizations whose work is seen all throughout the school and known by every student and teacher,” said Lollos. 

“Though our actual impact may not be too far-reaching, we are one of the few organizations whose work is seen all throughout the school and known by every student and teacher,” said Lollos.

Lola Murti
Wolverine TV Director Darya Lollos ’20 is the one who keeps Wolverine TV running perfectly. “I love being able to interact with the school community and help put together something that is seen by the entire school,” said Lollos.

Apart from organization, Wolverine TV staff must also make sure to get quality inspiration for every episode. “Teamwork is key and brainstorming together can produce magnificent outcomes. When we create new content we always have the help of others. The crew behind Wolverine TV is made up of creative, smart, and loving individuals. We help each other out when we have the chance and our creativity just never ends,” said Jiachi (Gerald) Deng ’21 when asked about where the inspiration for each episode comes from.

When asked about their favorite segments last year, Joaquin Guevaraho ’22 and Justine Choueiri ’22 both said the segment they most enjoyed was “Who’s Gonna Win” with Ally Chin, hosted by Ally Chin ’19, because it contained many challenges and jokes they found amusing. Although Chin’s segment is no longer on Wolverine TV, viewers who liked it should look forward to watching Rami’s Roundabout, hosted by Rami Abuhashish ’21. The segment will contain interviews with different teachers around the school and raise awareness on less well known courses that the school offers. The segment will also contain a fun and engaging activity, which bears a resemblance to Chin’s challenges. 

Unfortunately, not everyone is able to witness and appreciate the hard work that goes into creating these episodes. When interviewed, Aissata Barry ’22 said, “I really want to be able to understand what is going on, but almost every week, there is something wrong with the technology. Either the introduction is way too loud that it breaks our eardrums, or the rest of the episode is too quiet for human ears to hear.” The technology of Wolverine TV’s recordings is not quite perfect yet, but “even from last year, the Wolverine TV team has changed so much and has become much more efficient, and I’m very excited to see what the future holds for us,” said Abuhashish.  

Essentially, Wolverine TV helps students see what is going on at our school, including news, sports, activities and school charities. It also helps ninth graders with the difficult transition from middle school into high school, especially a specialized school like Bronx Science. In the beginning of the year, many tips and rules are provided to ninth graders to help them find their way around Bronx Science’s academics and social life. Parents of new students can also watch and know what is going on with their children on Wolverine TV’s YouTube channel. Wolverine TV shows the new students what an inspiring community Bronx Science contains, and introduces them to the culture.