Setting Goals for The New Year


Jason Cheung

Labiba Hasan ’19 wants to spend more time with her family and be more socially active with her friends. “I plan to take better care of myself first so I can care about others,” said Hasan.

The celebration of the New Year is not only about parties and apple cider. At the turn of the new year, it is a popular tradition to make New Year’s resolutions, where people set goals for themselves to better their lives. Resolutions can be as simple as trying to stop eating so much junk food, study a little bit more each day, or be a better friend. When it comes to improving themselves, Bronx Science students aim high.

Labiba Hasan ’19 is looking forward to meeting her multiple resolutions in 2019. Reflecting on her time at Bronx Science, Hasan realizes that school has been stressful and her studies have taken up much of her time. Now, Hasan hopes to find better ways to balance her schoolwork and social life to set a precedent for life in college. She also wants to find better ways to alleviate stress from school and be more active in her family and social life.

“My New Year’s resolutions are to have more peace in my life and spend more time with friends and family,” said Labiba Hasan ’19.

“My New Year’s resolutions are to have more peace in my life and spend more time with friends and family. I am also trying to figure out what I want to study in college,” said Hasan.

Brinda Bhattarai ’19 has different goals for self-improvement. Previously a ballet dancer, Bhattarai aims to get back to engaging in physical activities in the coming year.

“I want to start exercising again. When I was younger I would always do activities like martial arts or dance, but now I just do schoolwork. Hopefully, I can get back into it,” said Bhattarai. She also wants to try something new regarding dancing. “Recently, I’ve been wanting to learn K-pop dancing. Depending on what college I go to, I’ll join their dance team,” she said.

Like Bhattarai, Samee Buccellato ’19, an athlete on the Bronx Science Co-ed Varsity Wrestling Team, also has a fitness goal.

“My new year’s resolution is to get a six-pack because I want to improve my aesthetic when I compete in wrestling and jiu-jitsu matches,” he said. But gaining a six-pack is not an easy feat; it takes discipline and sacrifice, both in diet and in strength. “To get a six-pack, I’ll start doing daily ab workouts and improve my diet by eating a lot of protein and consuming less sugary drinks. Also, I’ll work on regulating my daily calorie intake so that I can work towards consistent gains,” said Buccellato.

Zeke Allis ’19, on the other hand, wishes to engage in creative endeavors. “For the new year, I want to finish the graphic novel I’ve been working on. I’ve been drawing it for about a month,” said Allis. Hoping to finish the second book in his series Guardian Rogue, he plans to spend more time working on it at home. “Most of my progress has come from drawing scenes during free periods and art class, but I want to dedicate even more time to the project,” he said.  

Bronx Science students are always trying to improve themselves inside and outside of the classroom. Whether it’s fitness, art projects, or social goals, New Year resolutions promote productivity and the breaking of bad habits.