College Apparel Day Marks A New Beginning For The Class of 2018


Alexandria Ang

Seniors Fiona Sullivan, Anna Leidner, and Georgia McKay wear their college t-shirts and hats to participate in College Apparel Day.

After months of anxious waiting, the class of 2018 celebrated their college decisions by wearing their college apparel on May 30th, 2018. Hosted by the Senior Council, during College Apparel Day, seniors were encouraged to show up to school wearing clothes from the college or university that they have chosen to attend following their time at Bronx Science.

College Apparel Day came as one of the last senior events of the year. During the first week of May was Senior Spirit Week, where seniors were invited to participate in daily themes that were decided by the Senior Council. The themes included the Spork Wars Kick-off, Vine Day, Wild West Wednesday, Senior Luau, and Flashback Friday. Following College Apparel Day, the Senior Barbecue was hosted on June 1st, 2018, by both the Senior Council and the Bronx Science Alumni Foundation.

“After going through four years together, it’s satisfying to know that everyone was rewarded for their hard work in the end,” said Fiona Sullivan ’18.

Many seniors excitedly showed up to school on May 30th, 2018, wearing their college apparel. Fiona Sullivan ’18, who will be attending the University of California Los Angeles this fall, said, “I was really looking forward to College Apparel Day. Coming into school wearing my school apparel proudly was something I’ve wanted to do since my freshman year.”

Similarly, many seniors felt sentimental due to the realization that they and their friends were going to soon embark on a new journey. “College Apparel Day brought a nostalgic feeling to me. Seeing everyone so rightfully cheerful and relaxed for the first time made me feel sentimental, because I realized our journey here at Bronx Science was almost over,” said Anna Leidner ’18, who will attend Macalester University.

College Apparel Day also brought upon overwhelming feelings of accomplishment in seniors through seeing their friends and peers wearing apparel for the colleges that they worked so diligently to get into. “It was nice to see everyone so happy for both themselves and their friends because of the colleges they’re all going to,” said Sullivan. “After going through these four years together, it’s satisfying to know that everyone was rewarded for their hard work in the end.”

College Apparel Day marked a new beginning for the class of 2018. After four years of hard work, this year’s seniors are moving onto the next chapter of their lives. By coming to school wearing their college apparel, Bronx Science’s seniors show that hard work paid off in the end.