The Spring Crossword: Food!



  1. Uncooked form of a classic dessert usually dipped in milk
  2. Fruit snack sold by Mott’s in small plastic cups
  3. Vietnamese soup made with broth and typically meats such as beef
  4. A sugary condiment made during “Tapping Season” through the months of February to April
  5. A soup traditionally served cold
  6. Creamy pasta topping created in 1908 by a titular chef to entice his wife to eat after giving birth to their first child (It worked!)
  7. A classic American dish originating in NYC but often mistaken for having originated in Italy
  8. Acronym for a classic American sandwich
  9. Gordon Ramsay’s most well-known dish which includes the key ingredients pâté and duxelles
  10. Creamy confection invented by Archibald Query of Somerville, Massachusetts; can be combined with peanut butter to produce a sweet sandwich
  11. One of the nine beef primal cuts that comes from the underside of a cow
  12. Colored chocolate layer cake typically layered with cream cheese frosting
  13. Italian dessert made as the result of whipping egg whites and sugar
  14. Fruit found in Thailand known as the world’s smelliest fruit


  1. Type of cake flavor filled with rainbow sprinkles
  2. A coconut almond biscuit adopted by Italian Jews
  3. A fruit on a stick, dipped into a sugar coating
  4. A traditional Japanese spherical doughy snack filled with octopus
  5. World’s most expensive (and edible) fungus
  6. A warm cereal alternative made with oat grains
  7. A glaze, icing, sauce, or filling for pastries made from chocolate and cream
  8. Edible crimson fruit seeds high in fiber and antioxidants
  9. Raw fish wrapped in rice
  10. Boiled, developed duck embryo eaten as a delicacy in the Philippines
  11. Unfinished food that can be re-served at a later time
  12. 20. Variety of tea with many disputed health benefits made through the fermentation of yeast and bacteria
  13. Flatfish commonly found in arctic waters in Canada and the northern U.S.
  14. An herb from the Mediterranean used to flavor foods such as stuffing, roast lamb, pork, chicken, and turkey
  15. A berry known for its aphrodisiac quality
  16.  Food that people purchase from restaurant that they intend on eating elsewhere
Answer Key for Spring Crossword