Senior Council Works Hard for Students to Play Hard


Brianna Le

Senior Council president Michael Miller ’18 and member Uma Balachandran ’18 discuss ideas with Senior Class Advisor Mr. McNickle.

Watch out seniors, because the Senior Council has events planned to make your remaining time at Bronx Science memorable. Consisting of Emily Bedolis, Michael Miller, Cy Toriello, Irene Masoutis, Prachi Arora, Max Secular, Louis Silverman, Natan Shaviv, Romir Karnik, Uma Balachandran, Jessica Lin, and Nusrath Jahan, all Class of 2018, the Senior Council has been working relentlessly to make senior year the best it can be.

The Senior Council is a student government group selected by Mr. Daniel McNickle to design monthly senior events, encourage class pride, communicate with the senior class about activities and senior responsibilities, work with the administration, and attend meetings regarding senior activities.

In meetings led by Senior Council President Miller and advised by McNickle on Mondays and Thursdays during 7th period, the Senior Council has been working together to plan events such as the Senior Movie Night, Homecoming, and Prom.

“We have an agenda for each meeting and go down the line of things we have to discuss,” said Jahan. “Mr. McNickle is an amazing Senior Class Advisor! He supports our ideas and plans, and makes sure that we know the proper steps it takes to execute each event effectively.”

So far, the Senior Council has executed the Senior Brunch, Senior Shirt Day, Homecoming, Assassins, Senior Scream, Senior Movie Night, Senior Game Night, and the Senior De-stress Event. The Senior Council planned these events far before they took place in order to ensure their success with the seniors.

“Each of the events required about two weeks to a month of preparation beforehand to ensure the events ran smoothly,” said Jahan. “All aspects of the events were discussed, down to every detail. For example, Assassins required a lot of preparation so the game would work without any errors.”

While the seniors have gotten to enjoy the diligent work of their Senior Council, planning the events has been rewarding for the members of Council as well.

“Being one of the people publicizing the event, choosing the date, and spreading the word was what helped me realize the finality and greatness of senior year,” noted Bedolis.

“We deserve a break after all of our hard work.”

On top of all they’ve done already, the Council has many plans for the remaining months of Bronx Science’s Class of 2018. As more seniors become committed to colleges, the Council has been preparing events such as College T-Shirt Day, Spork Wars, Prom, and Graduation. “All of these events are for every single senior at Bronx Science, and everyone is strongly encouraged to participate!” said Bedolis.

Regarding Prom, which is taking place for the first time at the Marriott Marquis in Times Square, the Council is planning to create a Prom Video, which will include teachers talking about their respective prom experiences. “This video is still in the works and its goal is to encourage more Seniors to attend Prom, as it is a memorable night of Senior Year,” said Jahan.

Prom is also expected to be cheaper than it has been in recent years. “We are really trying to make it as affordable as possible for as many seniors as possible,” said Balachandran. “Whether or not you have a date, are going alone, or are going with friends, prom will be a spectacular night, and we highly encourage everyone to come for an amazing time.”

The Senior Council has been tirelessly working in order to achieve one goal: to make their final year at Bronx Science unforgettable. “I think that all of the seniors, including myself, are hoping for a relaxing second term above all,” said Bedolis. “We just went through arguably the most stressful experience of our lives so far with the college process, and we deserve a break after all of our hard work.”

In consensus, the Senior Council anticipates that the senior class will be pleased with their hard work. “We hope everyone has a stress-free and memorable second term and look forward to doing all that we can to make that happen,” said Balachandran.