Decades Crossword

2. Dance craze of the 1990s
5. Subject of many a hippie protest
10. Gatsby’s decade
12. What Tony Manero might be seen dancing to
13. Festival that featured Jimi Hendrix’s version of the
national anthem

14. “I want my ___!”
17. 1980s wear common to both working women and
football players?
18. 1960s artist with a famous soup can painting
19. Where some popular 1980s dolls might be residing?
20. 1950s waitresses often depicted on roller skates

1. Walkman: 1980s; _____: 1990s
3. Hangout for Ross and Rachel
4. Feminist movement of the 1990s
6. Style seen in much 1920s architecture
7. Woman seen on a famous 1940s poster
8. 2010s bracelets that might look like strawberries or guitars
9. Infectious condition sweeping the 1960’s
11. Iconic Miles Davis album of the 1950s
15. Genre for the Talking Heads or Blondie
16. Genre for Elvis Presley