“Huh?” An Advice Column, November 2016


We know there are ups and downs to being a student at Bronx Science. We are here to guide you through your years here. This issue’s column is primarily directed toward freshmen. Do not worry, we will be addressing all of you this year.

For all the freshmen out there, you are already more than two months into the school year. You may be wondering how to navigate the lonely halls of the Bronx during your lunch and free periods, or which spots are popular amongst Bronx Science students.

The most popular ones, if you have not noticed already, are right at your fingertips!

Jay’s truck provides the necessities: warm drinks and hot foods. Grab a tea on the go for only a dollar. From one caffeine-dependent human to another, this is the best way to stay awake (besides getting enough sleep).

When you exit from the cafeteria, walk straight down the courtyard, turn left and up the ramp. You have probably noticed a green truck. That is Ned’s truck, and we have a few pro tips for you.

If you order fries, explore all possible toppings: barbecue sauce, honey mustard, marinaria sauce and cheese (just say pizza fries!) are all personal favorites. If you are nice, you might receive a free banana as well.

Most trucks will also give you free food on your birthday. All you need to do is show your school ID and they will be delighted to give you your order on the house. Make sure to not lose your ID card; otherwise you might miss out on a free order of fries!

Another birthday perk comes first thing in the morning. When you swipe into school on your big day, a birthday tune is bound to blast from the computer system. Be sure to savor every moment before the next person swipes in and the music goes away.

Feeling adventurous after school, on your way home? You might want to walk quickly. Halal food is arguably the most delicious option for students, but is quite the walk from West 205th street. The most controversial subject amongst students is the debate over whether Tony’s or Jermone’s offers more delicious food, after school. Both halal trucks provide savory lamb over rice, accompied by an array of delectable sauces (we still think Jerome’s wins).

The best advice that we can give you is to explore everything that Bronx Science has to offer. Take a look around at clubs, teams, and athletics that surround you. Your time at Bronx Science goes by in a blink of the eye. Before you know it, you will be well-seasoned students like us.

Until next month,
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P.S. Avoid the main staircase!

P.P.S. Make Facebook groups for your classes. It works more efficiently than posting homework questions everywhere.