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Remember to shop safely in stores by refraining from directly touching items with which other people may have had contact.

Tips for Social Distancing Safely

June 21, 2020

Social distancing is something that has become very important due to the Coronavirus pandemic, and i...

Music is a large part of most teenagers' lives, as with the Urban Dance Club. Here, they are hard at work synchronizing their dance moves during a rehearsal.

Music Nostalgia During Quarantine

May 14, 2020

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, all of us are stuck in quarantine at home with much more free time than u...

Alex Basquial ’20 is intrigued by the many different opportunities that eSports has to offer.

The Rise of eSports

April 8, 2020

Although playing video games may seem like a waste of time to some, the world of eSports has come a lon...

'Rick and Morty' fan Lion Kim ‘20 is excited to see how entertaining the new season will be.

Rick And Morty

February 28, 2020

After years of anticipation, the popular space-adventure themed Adult Swim cartoon Rick and Morty has...

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