Tips for Social Distancing Safely


Theodore Wai

Remember to shop safely in stores by refraining from directly touching items with which other people may have had contact.

Social distancing is something that has become very important due to the Coronavirus pandemic, and it is important to make sure that you stay safe for both yourself and the people around you. Here are some tips and tricks to help you navigate through this confusing time in the best and safest way possible.


Although maintaining your distance can be difficult at times, try to make sure that there is at least six feet between yourself and others. Also, make sure that you wear a face mask in all public places, especially when maintaining a six-foot distance around you is difficult. Additionally, refrain from touching your face. Make sure to wash your hands often (sing ‘Happy Birthday’ twice as you are washing your hands to ensure that you’re washing them long enough), and try to keep hand sanitizer with you at all times. Try to limit how often you leave the house, which can be done by only going out for essentials.

When shopping in stores or sorting through groceries at home, do not sort through the items with your bare hands. Try to refrain from directly touching things other people may have had contact with, such as door knobs and shopping carts. Instead, use a disinfecting wipe and dispose of it properly when done. If possible, also use reusable tote bags to hold your groceries in to avoid using shared objects like grocery baskets. You should also carry extra napkins, disinfectant wipes, and tissues with you when you are out in public. Make sure to handle money safely, and try to resort to using a card or ApplePay instead. Watch where you leave your phone in public, and try not to leave it exposed on shared surfaces. You should also remember to clean your phone frequently with an alcohol wipe.


Avoid public transportation as much as possible, since you are at a higher risk of coming into contact with a contaminated surface or a person who has COVID-19. Doing so will also allow essential workers to take public transportation to work with a lower risk of contracting the Coronavirus themselves. If you drive frequently, make sure to clean and sanitize your car often, especially if you drive with others. 


Try to create a routine for yourself to stay productive. When possible, change your environment for different activities. Take care of your body by eating healthy, exercising, and getting plenty of sleep. Stay connected with family members and friends through phone calls, texts, FaceTime/Zoom/GoogleMeets, and through social media. Fight boredom and remain mentally active by doing things like catching up on a T.V. series, reading a good book, taking up a new hobby like playing the guitar, or exploring something new that you have been putting off. Take everything one step at a time and try to focus on the positives to help keep yourself in a good state of mind. 

Here are some tips and tricks to help you navigate through this confusing time in the best and safest way possible.