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This photograph, taken  earlier in the academic year, shows Mr. Liang winning the rap battle that he had with physics teacher Mr. Blake. Ms. Li and Ms. Costanzo are there as well. In the karaoke sessions, Mr. Liang does rap, which is another reason why these karaokes are so great. The Mathematics teachers are happy to show off their musical talent, whether it is through their singing, guitar playing, or by rapping.

Bored? Tune in to Bronx Science Math Department Karaoke!

June 20, 2020

It’s Friday, 5:00 p.m. You have managed to complete most (or at least some) of your remote learning a...

John Krasinski started his news show, 'Some Good News,' with the aim to spread positivity. Here, he is about to do a segment in which he surprises a fan with a zoom call.

Some Positivity During the Coronavirus Pandemic: John Krasinski’s ‘Some Good News’

May 11, 2020

Recently, the Coronavirus pandemic has dominated the headlines. Although it is important to learn about up...

The ZEISS optical system is used in the Bronx Science planetarium to find planets in our solar system. It works in sync with the computer, as the optical system helps one see it from a telescope’s point of view, and the computer works like a super-magnified telescope.

An Out-of-This-World Teen Discovers a New Planet

April 14, 2020

Summer break is a time to relax and rewind from the tumultuous school year. People spend their two t...

Ananya Roy ’20 believes that there is not much change happening regarding school shootings because lawmakers haven’t been proactive about fixing the issue. They are not willing to negotiate on gun laws in order to prevent and reduce the amount of unauthorized people with guns.

Are We Becoming Desensitized to School Shootings?

March 3, 2020

The United States experienced forty-six school shootings in 2019. In December of that year, there we...

Wagiha Mariam, ’22, thinks that mental health breaks are necessary. However, she thinks that aspects of mental health breaks should be on a smaller scale, which will still reap benefits for students.

Should Students Have Mental Health Days?

November 24, 2019

This July 2019, Oregon passed a law that allows students to take five mental health days during a thr...

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