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People roam the streets of Paris before the arrival of the novel Coronavirus.

‘Coronavirus is Feminine’ Decrees the Académie Française

June 22, 2020

With over 28,000 deaths from COVID-19, France is one of the worst-hit countries in the world. Althoug...

Artist Muhammad Saad sketched Rihanna in a durag for the May 2020 issue of British Vogue.

Rihanna Makes History

May 15, 2020

Today, durags are proudly worn by the black community and embraced by celebrities from runways to mus...

Artist Inphltrate depicts a plastic bag that reads “no thank you” on the streets of Brooklyn, contradicting the trademark takeout bags that read, “thank you.”

The Loopholes of the Plastic Bag Ban

April 7, 2020

From harming all marine life to creating environmental problems, plastic bags are hazardous to human bei...

Charlotte Koenig ’23 said, “I love how I appear professional, yet trendy at the same time.”

From the Runway to the Hallways: Bronx Science Students Inspired by the Fall/Winter 2019-2020 Fashion Trends

November 24, 2019

The fashion trends of fall and winter 2019 are filled with what many students could not imagine wearing...

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