From the Runway to the Hallways: Bronx Science Students Inspired by the Fall/Winter 2019-2020 Fashion Trends


Darlene Park

Charlotte Koenig ’23 said, “I love how I appear professional, yet trendy at the same time.”

The fashion trends of fall and winter 2019 are filled with what many students could not imagine wearing to school. However, some Bronx Science students have managed to incorporate these trends into their daily lives.

The Fall/Winter 2019 season is a modern-day interpretation of the 70s, 80s, and 90s. From prep school to matrix inspired looks, they all seem extravagant and hard to incorporate to daily lives. Despite being in a school environment, students of Bronx Science are able to include certain elements of these trends to their outfits.

Prep School Look 

Inspired by the uniforms of prep schools, this look includes collared shirts, sweater vests, knitwear, pleated skirts, trousers, and more. Lacoste is one of the brands that has incorporated a classic prep-school outfit onto the runway with an oversized sweater on top of a collared shirt with trousers and sneakers. This preppy look no longer exists only in private schools, but has made its way into public schools and the streets.

“I love how I could look clean and appropriate for school, but also trendy at the same time,” said Charlotte Koenig ’23.

Charlotte Koenig ’23 is one student who admires this trend. Koenig said, “My Korean mother always emphasized how I must look professional and clean for school, which in her definition is a preppy look. Although I wanted to rebel by wearing tank tops or pajama pants at times, I now embrace this advice. I love how I could look clean and appropriate for school, but also trendy at the same time.” Students also reported how convenient this style is at school because they can take a layer off if it is too hot or conversely, put another layer on if they start to feel chilly. This classic look makes a comeback every fall, and does not seem like it will be going away anytime soon.


Darlene Park
Elena Morgan ’20 her blazer loose and boxy, instead of it being tailored.
Darlene Park
Hannah Asch ’21 gives an old, boxy blazer a twist by clenching her waist with a belt.

A clothing piece that could be found in almost all closets, the blazer, is  seen worn in different ways this season. From the blazer, blouse, and skirt combination of the 1970s from Celine to the power shoulders of the 80s from Balenciaga, multiple styles from the past were included to create this effortlessly cool look. Both Elena Morgan ’20 and Hannah Asch ’21 reported how empowered and confident they feel when they have a blazer on. Elena described how she takes a comfortable approach by wearing blazers that are on the looser and boxier side. On the other hand, Hannah described how she likes to embrace her feminine qualities by clinching the blazer at the waist with a belt. Hannah stated, “I love how this look is a juxtaposition in itself, boxy, yet tailored.” Whatever the case may be, blazers have the magical power to make one look professional and clean even if they are wearing sweatpants underneath.


A chic all-black look allows James Zhou ’22 to keep his comfort and style at the same time.

Monochromatic looks were prominent during both women and men’s fashion week.People hesitate about wearing one color because they believe it is too hard to pull off, but it is one of the best ways to appear stylish and unique. Monochromatic looks are especially interesting because there are an unlimited amount of combinations. For example, one could combine a trench-coat with a pair of sweatpants of the same color. James Zhou ’23 said, “As a Bronx Science student, I prioritize sleep before anything and in the morning, every minute counts. I realized how convenient wearing one color is, because you don’t need to contemplate the common conflict many people have in the morning, ‘Do these colors match?’ Monochromatic looks guarantee style and comfort at the same time.”


Darlene Park
“I feel confident in this Carrie-Anne Moss inspired outfit,” said Sylvia Maxwell ’21.

In the past, leather has been one of the clothing pieces people seemed to have a hard time incorporating into their daily lives. Thanks to faux leather now being so accessible, leather has now become a mandatory piece to have for the fall/winter season. Leather has been used to make anything from coats to hats. Sylvia Maxwell ’21 emphasized how convenient a leather jacket has been for her for school by noting, “it is really hard to dress with the weather being cold in the morning and being chilly throughout the day, while the inside of our school building becomes really warm. This leather jacket is the perfect thing to have because you can look stylish and be comfortable with any temperature,” she said. “I feel confident in this Matrix-inspired look.”

“I feel confident in this Matrix-inspired look,” said Sylvia Maxwell ’21.

Despite the Fall/Winter 2019-2020 season trends being difficult to incorporate, Bronx Science students are reinterpreting these trends, adding their own style. The common thread among students was that trends are simply another method of self expression, not something they feel burdened to follow. Students prioritize their own styles first because in the end everyone is beautiful and unique.