A Concise Introduction to Apple’s Latest Releases

Apple has released a handful of new products this year, but it is not easy to dissect the differences. Read on for a simplified comparison.


Daniel Romero / Unsplash

Here are the the new iPhone 12 models.

Customers line up at the Apple Store in the Roosevelt Field Mall located in Garden City, New York, in order to see Apple’s newest releases in person. (Ashley Lim)

Apple released multiple products in late 2020, including the new AirPods Max, iPhone 12, iPad Air, and the MacBook Air and Pro. Avid fans had expected a release around that time of year since it is Apple’s tradition to put out new products at the beginning of every autumn. However, many were surprised to discover just how much new technology was being released. Primarily due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, students and workers the world over have switched over to an online environment, so having a strong, around-the-clock computing device is crucial during these times. Those who rely on these devices may have realized that they either need an upgrade or maybe a whole new device. 

Apple’s new AirPods Max was truly unanticipated. Apple’s earlier AirPods  were known for their sleek, small, wireless design. However, the AirPods Max has come out in a much larger, headset design. Consequently, the price has also gone up. Older AirPods designs ranged from $159.00 to $249.00, but the AirPods Max cost $549.00. Some argue that headphones should not cost $500, and that the price is not worth it compared to its improvements which all quite minor. It is a hefty investment, but it is refreshing to see a new Apple design on the market. 

Apple often releases a new iPhone annually; hence, the latest iPhone 12 was no surprise. Two new colors have been introduced, green and blue, and there are four models from which to choose: the iPhone 12, iPhone 12 mini, iPhone Pro, and iPhone Pro Max. Different models offer different colors and vary in sizes, with the iPhone mini being the smallest and the largest being the iPhone Pro Max with a display difference of 1.3 inches. Many are compelled by the beautiful colors. Compared to the previous iPhone 11 which has a base price of $599, the iPhone 12 cost $799, meaning there is a starting minimum of a $200 difference in price. The specifications are different as well, with a stronger display, A14 Bionic Chip, and high-speed 5G connection now on offer. 

There was a lot of excitement for the iPad Air, MacBook Air, and Pro release. Going digital during the Coronavirus pandemic means that a device with a large screen that can withstand hours of daily usage is essential, and the iPad and MacBook fit that standard. Similar to the iPhone, the iPad is also now available in green and blue. Compared to the previous iPad Air, this iPad is compatible with the newest Apple Pencil, runs on the A14 Bionic Chip, has a wider and better camera, and has a 2 inch larger screen. There is also a minimum of a $400 difference in cost, the iPad Air starting at $599 and the iPad Pro starting at $999. 

The prices are rising, but buyers still purchase their items because Apple targets a specific audience — their loyal customers. Apple offers a trading system where one can trade in their Apple device, and gain store credit in return. The amount of money one can earn depends on the model of the device, and so the newer and more recent the device is, the more money one could earn from it. Buyers use this system to use their store credit and get the latest new Apple device for as little as $200 dollars extra.

It is rumored that in later 2021, Apple will release products like a refreshed iMac, a cheaper iPad, AirPods 3, and an iPad mini.

Apple released multiple products in late 2020, including the new AirPods Max, iPhone 12, iPad Air, and the MacBook Air and Pro.