Styling like a Celebrity


Ellen Wu

Sara Poon ’21 embraces her unique sense of style by wearing an elegant red blouse, with a pleated skirt, finished off with some gold jewelry.

Celebrities are followed by paparazzi everywhere, from restaurants, airports, shopping centers, and even just walking down the street. Because they are being photographed constantly, they always try to look their best, since these pictures end up everywhere from social media platforms to magazine covers. These different media reach audiences all over the world, including our very own Bronx Science students. Celebrity trends have a major influence on the way that we dress today. 

“I think that celebrity platforms and popularity give people the confidence to try new things out with their outfits and encourage them to come out of their comfort zones,” said Sara Poon ’21.

Poon herself is often inspired by what these celebrities wear and sometimes recreates these outfits. “I love streetwear and how casual yet stylish they can look,” Poon said. She finds most of her inspiration from Kendall Jenner, who often wears crop tops with baggy pants and boots. Whether it’s at school or during the weekends, Poon loves to rock these looks as well. She finds this certain look to be both fashionable and comfortable at the same time. Poon believes that, with social media and the internet, fashion has become more “accessible” because inspiration is all around us. 

Social media can ultimately fuel certain fashion trends. Because platforms such as Instagram and Snapchat are so popular, it allows people to be inspired based on what they see online, in a convenient manner. It allows us to explore our creativity, and branch out into something we wouldn’t normally wear. Celebrities frequently upload pictures of themselves on social media for the world to see, whether they are simply wearing a casual outfit at home, or a full ball gown at the Grammys or Oscars; they are aware of how many people find inspiration from their accounts. 

One celebrity that is particularly influential in the fashion world is Billie Eilish. Known to be one of the most successful artists of the 21st century at only 18 years old, she is famous for her amazing voice and music but also her distinctive style. Her outfits can be classified as a combination of classic hip hop with a goth and skater twist. Eilish heavily features chains, bold jewelry, and oversized clothing. While her style is unconventional, she has definitely shifted the status quo of what an “everyday” outfit might look like to her fans. “Her sense of style is unique and seems to be one that many admire, but because of how different it is, it’s not present as much in teens because it isn’t a close variation of the feminine norms,” said Kalsang Gyatso ‘21.

A major reason as to why our generation is directly impacted or inspired by fashion trends is because they have the ability to make a statement and get a message across via clothing. “I believe that celebrity fashion is mostly for marketing, and that these famous people ultimately become puppets for brands to showcase,” said Gyatso. Because so many people idolize celebrities, fans will try to emulate their style or simply use fashion as an attempt to capture their own essence in an outfit. These people also have the power to start trends, which is a big part of our generation because we all want to “fit” into the social norms one way or another, and an accessible way to do this is with fashion. 

Fashion is a great way for students to express themselves. Despite the certain fashion trends that come and go, one’s individuality is an irreplaceable part of fashion. 

“I think that celebrity platforms and popularity give people the confidence to try new things out with their outfits and encourage them to come out of their comfort zones,” said Sara Poon ’21.

Ellen Wu
Kalsang Gyatso ’21 shares her ideas in regards to celebrity style, and our generation’s way of inspiration based off of it.