NASHA’s Back, Better Than Ever!


Sazida Marzia

Eshani Chowdhury ’19 helps to lead her group for their NASHA performance.

Springtime was full of excitement at Bronx Science and everyone was anticipating some fun exciting spring events and activities. The NASHA Club hosted an annual show before Spring Break, exhibiting various aspects of South Asian Culture. Students put on a variety of performances and whether it was creating their own dances, singing, or playing instruments, with each performer completely captivating the the audience, consisting of both fellow peers and staff. The performances ranged from Traditional to Western Fusion and tooks months of practice to perfect. A group of around sixty Bronx Science students figured out how to put a show together right after school. The show helps students to build their confidence and share their passion through their performances.

This year there were about twenty performances, which is more than in previous years. The show was extended to 5:45 pm to account for the increase in participants. The students practiced both inside and outside of school. Practice began all the way back in December. Students prepared their own costumes, group names, mixes, and more. Alumni, students outside of school, and family were also welcome to see the NASHA Show of Culture. President Sakshi Shah ‘19 and vice president Helina Rathod ‘19 have both been a part of Nasha for the past three years. Helina and Sakshi performing once again with their group ‘Desi X,’ has grown so much over time. “I’m so excited to show everyone our dance. I’m really content and happy with my group. We’ve learned a whole lot together over the years,” said Rathod. The board of NASHA has a huge responsibility besides their own performance. As the President and Vice President, they had to be in charge of other groups, help them present their performances and download mixes, create a schedule, book the stage for rehearsal, control the lights, and more.

I’m so excited to show everyone our dance. I’m really content and happy with my group. We’ve learned a whole lot together over the years, said Helina Rathod.

This is Eshani Chowdhury’s ’19 second year of being in the Nasha show with her group “Feisty Four.” She is a dancer outside of school with a dance team named “Bafa.” She loves incorporating what she has learned outside of school with her friends in her group. She has been dancing for eleven years and she is happy that Bronx Science has a club that helps her to express her passion. Chowdhury loves NASHA, since it helps her to do what she loves the most. Her friends use her expertise to gain more skills and to improve their dancing.

NASHA is for both experienced dancers and students who want to get out of their shell. For the first time ever, there was a group of just hijabis. “Since I was young, I always loved dancing. After wearing the hijab, I realized there seemed to be an imaginary set of rules of do’s and don’ts. I wanted to break that barrier. I asked my hijabi friends and we made our own group. We couldn’t be more happy,” said Momina Begum ‘19.

Afifa Areya
Momina Begum ’19, Naima Nadia ’19 and Fatema Kamal ’19 show off their dance moves during the annual NASHA performance.

NASHA gave us an amazing and unforgettable performance that left the audience in awe. It is remarkable how much effort and talent is showcased throughout all the performances, and how much this show has helped the performers connect with their heritage. The members of NASHA are truly one big family, strengthening their cultural ties.