In the Middle of NYC, a Thai Restaurant Stealing the Hearts of Many


Tanzila Haque

Vanilla chocolate Lava ice cream

If you’re having a hard time deciding which place to eat out at or where to relax with friends, you have come to the right place. Located right in the heart of New York City lies the unparalleled Thai Restaurant V{IV} Regional Cuisine. It is hard to miss the ten-feet-tall bright sign lighting up the night with the long line of people. Some are there for their first time and  others for their 30th, meeting up with families and friends. Some, from Brooklyn or out of state, noticed that it looked like a nice place to eat. Once inside, most people were in awe and took pictures of the place. I went along with them, recognized by the waiters as it was my third time. The waiter seated my friends and I at the table with nine chairs to have dinner while making small talk.

As soon as we sat, the conversation about the lights inside began. The dim lights and the blooming pink white flowers in the middle of the table lit the room. The fragrance of Thai sauces and ingredients drifted through the door of the kitchen bringing in the crowds of people from all different backgrounds. The  music blends in with the tranquil and airy conversations of the people. However, the moment the food comes out, the room silences so that every small thing can be heard, even the slightest tap of a shoe. In anticipation, customers take photos of the authentic and the aesthetically pleasing food before diving in.

Tanzila Haque
VIV Regional Thai Cuisine

Each person in the table was not able to stop talking about the food and some even ordered the same food again. While others praised the waiters and waitresses for filling their glass of water every time the water was halfway or part way full. They also praised the chef for making the authentic and delicious food melting in their mouth.

“They are very diverse and have something for everyone: seafood lovers, vegetarians, and vegans. You could even customize the dishes by nitpicking the ingredients to your liking,” Khushboou Singha ’19 of BSGE High School stated. There is so much variety and everyone gets to customize the dishes. “I’ve also tried the Kra-pow puff appetizer and oh my god it’s so different and so yummy.  I’ve never seen anything like it at other Thai restaurants. “I recommend V{IV} to everyone because it’s great,” said Eva B of Selden New York. She drove all the way from Selden to try the cuisine at V{IV}’s after hearing a lot of praise for  the restaurant.

“They are very diverse and have something for everyone: seafood lovers, vegetarians, and vegans. You could even customize the dishes by nitpicking the ingredients to your liking,”-Khushboou Singha ’19

The desserts are otherworldly. Everyone in the restaurant turned their heads when the vanilla chocolate lava ice cream came out of kitchen because of its aroma and extravagant appearance. They followed every movement of the waiter carrying the desert until it got to its owner and waited to see her reaction as she took the first bite. She closed her eyes and was kicked out of reality with the crevices of the dimples formed from the beaming smile. Solely based on her reaction, customers started to buy desserts that the restaurant offered.

Tanzila Haque
Interior of VIV

This restaurant unique for its dessert and entrees with reasonable pricing and has captivated the hearts of all its customers. If you ever need a place to have a great and relaxing time, head  to V{IV}’s.