The Science Survey

The philosophy of adding “just one more lane,” has led to abominations like the Katy Freeway, a 26 lane highway in Houston, Texas. And no, the extra lanes did not solve congestion.

America’s Car Problem

Asa Paparo, Staff Reporter
June 5, 2023
In laboratories, scientists are able to break down and track specific evolutionary records in order to manipulate and select and modify the most promising strains.

Microbial Mites: An Enzyme War

Eyenain Misgar, Staff Reporter
December 29, 2022
Though it may seem like an arbitrary topic, “Reflecting on a plant like ginkgo that was around in very different ecosystems when the dinosaurs were on the planet, that has been around for hundreds of millions of years, really puts our own species — let alone our own individual existence — into a broader context,” said Peter Crane.

Ginkgo Trees and Growing Up

Katrina Tablang, Staff Reporter
April 27, 2022
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