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Victor Tesoro
Victor Tesoro is a Chief Photographer and Photo Editor for ‘The Observatory’ and ‘The Science Survey.’ His job consists of taking, editing and choosing photographs that will be used in both publications.  Victor finds photography appealing because he can capture a moment in time that will never happen again, and through photography he can share his own perspective of the world with others. Outside of school, Victor enjoys playing Lacrosse, Surfing, Gymnastics, and hanging out with friends. His favorite movie is ‘Act of Valor’ and he is currently reading ‘The Undoing Project.’ Victor plans on studying Economics and Psychology in college which will hopefully lead to a career as a lawyer. He does plan on serving in the Navy upon completion of his undergraduate studies. He does wish to travel and take photos even if it is not at the professional level.

Victor Tesoro, Photography Editor & Chief Photographer

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Victor Tesoro