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Shaira Jafar
Shaira Jafar is an Arts & Entertainment Editor for ‘The Science Survey’ and an Athletics Reporter for ‘The Observatory.’ She believes that journalistic writing gives writers the ability to write about anything that they are passionate about. Shaira likes that the newspaper is a forum that is open to everyone and how it is a place where different opinions and stories can be shared. She thinks that photographs are important to an article because they appeal to the eyes and allow for readers to visualize what they are reading. Shaira’s favorite thing to do is to study the behind the scenes of movies and TV shows by researching the actors, the creator, and watching any interviews. She loves to find the parallels between books and their film-adaptations such as ‘Anne of Green Gables’ and ‘Anne with an E' or 'It’. The world of entertainment can be distracting so Shaira likes to balance it out with extracurriculars such as an internship at a local tutoring center, a research internship at NYU, stage crew, MSA, and UNICEF. Her favorite way to take a break from school and work is to spend time with friends. Shopping at Muji, eating at Nur Thai, or drinking bubble tea are just some fun things she likes to do to unwind. In college, she hopes to major in a field of biology and minor in journalism. 

Shaira Jafar, Staff Reporter

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Shaira Jafar