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Sarane James
Sarane James is a Feature editor for ‘The Science Survey’ and an Academics Section Staff Reporter for ‘The Observatory.’ Sarane enjoys the platform that journalism provides her with, which she can use to elevate her fellow students when they earn great achievements and let them know they are not alone during trying times. She also appreciates the power that photography has to give additional life to an article by allowing people to further empathize with a person or situation that was previously only words on a page. When she is not doing schoolwork, Sarane enjoys writing, drawing, and playing video games. She has been published in the Girls Write Now 2016 and 2017 anthologies ‘(R)evolution’ and ‘Rise Speak Change,’ and is currently working on a novel of her own. Sarane intends to pursue a career in neuropsychology and creative writing. She hopes to use the experience that she gains interviewing and talking to people in her journalism class to create compelling, three dimensional characters in her own stories.

Sarane James, Features Editor

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Sarane James