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Hollie Park
Hollie Park is a Senior Staff Reporter and senior Facebook manager for ‘The Science Survey,’ and Copy Chief of ‘The Observatory.’ She writes and edits articles, interviews article subjects, uploads newspaper articles online for students and faculty, and takes photos for both the newspaper and yearbook. Park finds journalistic writing appealing for its ability to reach broad audiences and instigate action on critical issues and journalistic photography intriguing for its ability to direct the scope of a story. In addition to journalism, Park’s interests include art, politics, law, and music. Her hobbies include watching movies, teaching children in Sunday School, and going to museums. After Bronx Science, she plans on pursuing a liberal arts education and a career in law or therapy. In the future, Park plans on regularly volunteering in mission trips where she can utilize her background in journalistic writing and photography to tell the stories of those in impoverished conditions.

Hollie Park , Staff Reporter

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Hollie Park