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Christi Kim
Christi Kim is a Staff Reporter for The Science Survey newspaper and a People Section Staff reporter for The Observatory yearbook. She enjoys journalism because she hears many interesting stories that she is able to report upon. It also gives her not only the excuse, but the opportunity, to socialize, and to learn more about individuals and their hobbies. She is drawn to journalistic photography because she is able to capture and preserve people’s daily lives forever. Some of her interests outside of school are reading fantasy novels, doodling about her daily life, and doing arts and craft projects. She also loves to spend her time on YouTube, and by watching action-filled Korean dramas. Her favorite food is chicken wings and legs from the restaurant Mad for Chicken. She also loves to travel after a good night’s rest. In college, Christi is currently thinking of pursuing engineering. She hopes to, as a hobby, make a small cafe and continue operating her blog of doodles.

Christi Kim , Staff Reporter

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Christi Kim