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Ben Wade
Ben Wade is the Chief Photographer and Photo Editor for both ‘The Science Survey’ and ‘The Observatory’ yearbook. He takes photos of students and teachers around the school to capture candid, unique moments that encapsulate life at Bronx Science. Journalistic photography, to him, is the perfect medium to convey a story, through the expressions and actions of other people that cannot be written down with words. Having taken classes at the International Center for Photography, he is now very interested in the ways that photos convey feelings in people, and aims to focus his lens on the small details of everyday life that go unnoticed. He is an avid runner, and is the captain of the school’s Cross Country and Track teams. In his free time, he enjoys running, playing guitar and piano, taking photos, watching movies (his favorite being ‘Indiana Jones 3’), and eating food in diners. He plans on continuing journalism and photography further in college, while continuing to pursue running at the Division III level. After college he hopes to become a sports photographer, or maybe have a career in the film industry.

Ben Wade, Staff Reporter

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Ben Wade