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Andrew Lee
Andrew Lee is a Staff Reporter/Business Manager for ‘The Science Survey’ and a People Section Reporter for ‘The Observatory’ yearbook. As a staff reporter, Andrew goes around Bronx Science interviewing people and conducting research in order to write articles about a variety of topics. As a Business Manager, he helps raise funds for ‘The Science Survey’ by appealing to businesses across New York. Although this is Andrew’s first year in journalism, he has taken a liking to it. He finds journalistic writing appealing as he believes in making a difference in the world and utilizes his writing to try to help people, whether its making them smile or helping people take up a cause. As a result, photography intrigues him as he utilizes these photographs to help him reach achieve this goal by showing a story that sometimes cannot be written in words. Outside of journalism, Andrew enjoys writing stories ranging anything from sci-fi to realistic fiction to fantasy. During his free time, he often plays video games, watches anime and movies, and reads. In college, he wants to major in economics and political science, but he does want to pursue writing as a possible career.

Andrew Lee, Business Manager

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Andrew Lee